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About Us

As the owner of White Horse Auto Concierge, LLC I am an automotive enthusiast.
My company will strive to meet your highest expectations and needs on a personal level, from caring for your exotic to servicing your daily driver. Like you, I understand how busy we all are and how valuable our time has become.

As a business professional, or a stay at home mom raising kids, you never have enough time, and that is why I created White Horse Auto Concierge. Let us be a valuable asset in meeting your automotive and time saving needs. We do the work and save you the time to do with as you wish.

Each automobile has different requirements, and each car owner has different desires as to how to maintain and operate their vehicle. We strive to fulfill all of those needs regardless of vehicle's class or condition.


It may sound cliché but words such as honor, respect, and service are not just buzzwords we use. We live by them; we mean them.
A Navy Reserve Officer and member of Immanuel Bible Church, I will strive to show you that we operate with integrity, and consider your best interest, always.

We will work diligently to earn your patronage, and look forward to something that has been lost in our society, prompt and courteous service.

We hope you will let us serve you, and we are looking forward to showing you just how much we care about you, your vehicle, and your time.

We'll go the distance so you don't have to!

- Matt Brown, Owner


Owner Matt Brown
Owner Matt Brown
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